Sample Itinerary

Our private charter itinerary is as delightful as it is diverse.

The chain of islands and cays provides an unmatched cruising wonderland that will enchant Bali newcomers and globe-trotting travellers of all kinds.

Charters begin with a southbound journey along the east coast of the Bali, where you’re free to sail among the easy-to-navigate strip of secluded harbours and lavish ports nestled throughout the clear-blue nautical wilderness. In between anchorages, you’ll discover deserted beaches and quaint seaside bars that truly capture the essence of vacation, on island time. 


Anchor, Dinghy

Things to do

Snorkeling, Island Tours, Surfing, Paddleboarding & Scuba Diving will require additional fees, Dining, Photography

Go and see Devil’s Tear

Scuba Diving and surfing paradise

Snorkel in Mangrove Point

Relax on secluded beaches