Highborne Cay

The pristine coral reefs that surrounds Nusa Penida and it’s neighboring islets make it one of the most incredible places in the Bali that you simply must see for yourself. The conditions are impeccable for all your favorite saltwater activities, or, if you’re in the mood for scuba diving , this prime location is also perfect for meetings with giant mantas and mola molas in their natural habitat and to look for an array of colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral. And at just 10-feet deep, this is a first-rate snorkeling spot. Nearby, there are plenty of beautiful beaches making this one of the prettiest islands in Bali.


Anchor, Dinghy

Snorkeling, Beach tours, Surfing, Guided Scuba Diving will require additional fees, Dining, Photography

Go and see Angel’s Billabong

Scuba Diving and surfing paradise

Snorkel in Manta Point

Explore Nusa Ceningan

Relax on secluded beaches